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Nic Morrey 

Principal Psychologist 

Contact: Ph 0432 066 880




Services:  Nic provides psychological services for children, families and individuals experiencing a range of challenges, specialising in couples therapy.

Funding:   Medicare and Private Health Rebates Apply.


Colleen Morris

Verge Psychology - Clinical Psychologist

Contact: Ph: 90081975

Fax: (03) 8740 0275



Services: Colleen Morris provides psychological services for adults experiencing: Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Grief and Loss, Anger, Mood Dysregulation and Parenting Challenges. A variety of therapeutic approaches are available, including EMDR.


Funding: Medicare or Private Health rebates are available where applicable. 


Kylie Trimble

Psychologist - Hillside Psychology

Contact: Ph 0466 092 505

Web: details to follow



Services:  I work with clients experiencing a range of different life problems including stress, anxiety, depression, family breakdown, social skills issues, bullying, anger management, parental separation, relationship or family problems, parenting skills, life adjustment issues, grief and loss, however, have a special interest in working with individuals suffering relationship and anger management issues.

I tailor treatment in collaboration with the client and apply evidence-based approaches including: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Funding: Medicare and Private Health Rebates Apply.

Emma McLachlan

Psychologist - Emma Louise McLachlan (animal assisted therapy)


Contact: P0410 715 686




Individual therapy for children, adolescents, and adults (4yrs +)

Animal Assisted Therapy

Anxiety, depression, stress, relaxation, grief and loss, parenting support, self-esteem, adjustment

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Funding: Private, Medicare & National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) (self-managed only).

Arabella Thomson


 Arabella Work photo.jpeg

Contact: Ph: 0434 231 909  

              FAX: (03) 9124 1548

Web: TBC


Services: I am a Psychologist and attachment informed therapist. I work across the lifespan with individuals, where there have been adjustment challenges (disorder); for example, starting a new school, making new friends, moving to a new location, financial pressures, commencing a new job or dealing with promotions. In addition, I work with attachment fractures, traumas, and personality difficulties. I assist individuals to move from feeling overwhelmed by change(s) or life circumstance(s), back into their window of tolerance, by promoting and building well-being, self-esteem and confidence. Arabella specialises in children from 5 years old, adolescents, and women's health.

Funding: Medicare or Private Health rebates are available where applicable. 

Kairava Shan-Ra

Soul Centred Psychotherapy

kai hat original.jpeg

Contact: Ph: 0408 396 960

Web: details to follow



Services: Kairava is a clinical psychotherapist (B.A Psych, Diploma Soul-Centred Psychotherapy, reg PACFA/ ASCP) and somatic therapist (Cert of Postural Integration, Cert of Body Transformation) and has worked in private practice in Melbourne for over 25 years.

With years of experience, at the heart of her work is a deep respect for the full spectrum of what it is to be human; our lived experience, stories, creativity, complexity, inter-relationship with all beings, suffering, wisdom, therapeutically holding a space for human experience and the sacred to connect. Kairava offers techniques from EMDR to access, develop and incorporate positive memory networks to build clients resilience and resources, Imago process to heal attachment trauma and strengthen connection for couples, reimagine trauma exercise through Narrative Therapy and technique for developing compassionate inquiry and mindfulness.

In-person and Telehealth sessions available.


Funding: Private paying clients


Elise Guy

Contact: Ph: 0419 732 638




Elise is a Neuro-Energetic Kinesiologist and has supported adults and children with

emotional overwhelm, fatigue, self-sabotage, confidence issues, hormonal, digestive,

nervous system and immune health, body pain, relationship issues and retained primitive


Kinesiology delves deep, working with your subconscious and bringing to your awareness

stress that’s contributing to your health issue. Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology is a beautiful

combination of science of the human body and energy medicine. Using in-depth protocols

of our anatomy, physiology and energy systems, I use formats that allow me to locate and

connect with these areas and de-stress using a range of tools, including the Australian Bush

Flower Essences.

Funding: Funding: Private paying clients


Peter Hynninen



Contact: Ph: 0450 181 239

Web: details to follow



Services: Educational Psychology with an interest in intellectual / learning disabilities / difficulties, particularly for school-aged students, having worked as a senior psychologist in a specialist school for 33 years. Diagnostic assessments, including IQ, independent living skills, emotional / behavioural assessments and autism spectrum disorder. Assistance with Centrelink and NDIS. Cognitive behavioural and eclectic counselling.


Funding: Private fees for testing and assessment. Medicare provider registered for counselling.

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